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Difference between Eros and Agapi

Eros is the archetypal symbol of Cupid of Venus. When the Cupid strikes us with his arrow, our brain releases chemical substances that make us see the world differently!

May 2022

What a beautiful month! The month of Truth!
This month gives us the gift of accepting in our lives what the Spirit wants and not what our Ego desires!

Normal and Natural woman

There are normal women and natural women. Normal women are the ones who follow consciously and subconsciously the “normas,” meaning rules of society. Natural women are the ones who follow only their Nature.

But what exactly means being in a Normal or Natural state of being?

The Power of the Menstrual Cycle

The Feminine body is blessed by a huge gift that only few women are really aware of. This gift of The Menstrual Cycle!

The Gifts of the Menstrual Blood​

The menstrual blood hides gifts that very few women are aware of. The blood is what connects us, in the physical reality, with the world of the Divine!

Ieros Gamos

Ieros gamos is a composite of two Greek words: Ιερός (hieros) and Γάμoς (gamos), meaning “sacred marriage” that is recognized as the highest form of the union of opposites (e.g., King and Queen, Sun and Moon) in the archetypal meaning.

Be yourself during Sex

The act of Sex many times can be like acting on a theatre stage. Most people learn how to act through movies, porn movies, magazines and through what their friends tell them.

Let’s talk about ejaculation​

Giving that a man can have an orgasm without ejaculating, the experience of ejaculation is not always necessary to be included in the sexual act

Having a child consciously

All couples decide to have children for different reasons. Unfortunately, not all of these reasons are healthy and aligned with the Will of the Spirit.

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