Cortar lazos energeticos

Una clase que te ayudara a limpiear tu cuerpo energetico y avanzar en la vida sin enganches energeticos!

Reflections: Autonomy in relationships

What is autonomy in relationships and how to achieve it

December’s Full Moon

A warm hearted full moon teaching you patience and magic!

December 2022

What happens in December 2022

Our connection with the Earth

Our bodies (physical and energetic) are naturally made in a way to be able to absorb the energy of mother earth from the first chakra.

new moon

New Moon of November


Cyprus I love offering my work in the beautiful island of Abundance, Femininity and amazing Hospitality! After so long I am back in Cyprus, one of the lands of my mother’s family tree looking forward to sharing my work with all women who yearn to find their true power within! ΕΙΜΑΙ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΛΕΥΚΩΣΙΑ, 26 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ,… Continue reading Cyprus

A vulnerable man

A vulnerable man Dear man, who says that you cannot cry?Who says that you cannot be vulnerable, weak and even needy?The more you obey these patriarchic programs, the more you keep my heart away.   A woman that is influenced by the unhealthy touch of Patriarchy can only admire and appreciate a man that is… Continue reading A vulnerable man

Κοπή λώρων που με συνδέουν με πρώην συντρόφους​

Κοπή λώρων που με συνδέουν με πρώην συντρόφους​

Καλωσορίζοντας τον Ερωτα μέσα σου

Χριστουγεννιάτικο σεμινάριο και τελετή κακάο!

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