october’s new moon

October’s New moon! A gate to a deep transformation…

october’s full moon

October’s full moon! A gate to our sexuality…

September’s New Moon

New Moon in Libra! Sweet moments of trust in other dimensions…

September’s Full Moon

September’s Full Moon (10th of September) An opportunity to bring to the surface the gifts and talents of our shadow We all grow in a way that makes us hide our true selves and cultivate the self that others want. It is our way of surviving in a world of specific rules and behaviors that… Continue reading September’s Full Moon

August New Moon Meditation

August New Moon Meditation A portal to a space of a deep healing and rejuvenation This new moon is a powerful, loving gate to a space where we can receive the healing we need for the damage that the situation of Covid has created in us.    Besides the possible damage we had in our… Continue reading August New Moon Meditation


The month that gives us the possibility to liberate ourselves from the limitations of our own minds! Many people live almost as if they are in a “prison”! They oblige themselves to be in a relationship/marriage that has no more meaning but they think they should stay there for their kids, for financial reasons, for… Continue reading August

13th of July 2022 Full Moon​

What is special about this full Moon?
It is a Moon that can indicate the path towards our mission in this life! A Moon in Capricorn is the best Moon to help us find a way to fulfill our mission and make it our work!

Διαλογισμός Νέα Σελήνη

Ακου την φωνή της Αλήθειας μέσα σου και εμπιστεύσου την!

June’s New Moon

A beautiful Moon that is showing you the Truth!

Καινούργια Γη (Ταντρακαο)

Σε προσκαλώ να γιορτάσουμε την μετάβασή μας σε έναν καινούργιο κόσμο με ένα σεμινάριο τάντρα με γέυση κακάο!