A vulnerable man

A vulnerable man Dear man, who says that you cannot cry?Who says that you cannot be vulnerable, weak and even needy?The more you obey these patriarchic programs, the more you keep my heart away.   A woman that is influenced by the unhealthy touch of Patriarchy can only admire and appreciate a man that is… Continue reading A vulnerable man

Καλωσορίζοντας τον Ερωτα μέσα σου

Χριστουγεννιάτικο σεμινάριο και τελετή κακάο!

Reflections: My best version of sex

My best version of sex! What is the best version of sex for us…

Cutting cords with x partner

A free workshop to cut cords with x partners and more!

The sparkle of the polarities

The Sparkle of the polarities! A magic moment when the partners become one in the field of presence and love!

Why am I afraid to open my heart to you?

Reflections Why am I afraid to open my heart to you? In my experience, the man doesn’t want to open up his heart to a woman because he doesn’t want to appear weak. Because men are conditioned that vulnerability is softness, and the ability to love is considered a weakness.   When they grow up… Continue reading Why am I afraid to open my heart to you?

La Danza de los Amantes

La Danza de los Amantes es un taller de reconexión con nuestro hombre y mujer interna, un masculino y femenino sano, mediante el uso del tantra y el movimiento, como herramientas de introspección y transformación.

The Nectar of Sacred Sex

Σεμινάριο ταντρα μόνο για γυναίκες
Έλα να γνωρίσεις πώς οι αισθήσεις μπορούν να γίνουν πύλες που οδηγούν στην επανασυνδεση σου με την Θεά βαθιά μεσα στο σώμα!

The Ego of a Mother

The archetype of the mother is one of the most accepted and honored archetypes of a society.

It is one of the main archetypes in the
Becoming a mother is a “must” if a woman wants to be part of the Matrix and live a life following the rules of society. The need to belong and be accepted is so potent that it can even influence the biological needs of the woman and make her believe that she desperately wants to have a child…!

What you do wrong in a relationship

Why we do not achieve to have the relationships of our dreams?

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