What you do wrong in a relationship

Why we do not achieve to have the relationships of our dreams?

The manual of the Natural man and woman

The Manual of a Natural Man and Woman Reconnect to your nature and create life on your terms! For all men and women, who yearn to step out of the Matrix and start living a life according to their bodies and not to the programs of their minds! Download

The New Man

A tantra seminar only for men who yearn to discover their Authentic selves!

«Απόλαυση» Ταντρακάο

Σεμινάριο ταντρα μόνο για γυναίκες
Έλα να γνωρίσεις πώς οι αισθήσεις μπορούν να γίνουν πύλες που οδηγούν στην επανασυνδεση σου με την Θεά βαθιά μεσα στο σώμα!

Why many women do not enjoy sex in a relationship?​

I have many women clients who share with me that even though they enjoy their sexuality with their body, their connection to nature, creativity and life, they do not enjoy it with their partners.

How much will she let you in?​

I believe a woman is like a lake and a man the one who dives in it! The lake is bottomless even though she prefers thinking it has a bottom.

Why is it so difficult to make relationships work?

One of the main obstacles when forming a relationship is that it is created not only by two adults but also by two children!

Orgasm and vibration

How an orgasm can lower or make higher our vibration!

From the knight to the king

The knight is the part of the man that connects him to his inner warrior! The King is the man who has embodied absolute presence and love.

How a woman can hurt a man

It is common to talk about how men hurt women, but what about how women hurt men?

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