Why is it so difficult to make relationships work?

One of the main obstacles when forming a relationship is that it is created not only by two adults but also by two children!

Orgasm and vibration

How an orgasm can lower or make higher our vibration!

From the knight to the king

The knight is the part of the man that connects him to his inner warrior! The King is the man who has embodied absolute presence and love.

How a woman can hurt a man

It is common to talk about how men hurt women, but what about how women hurt men?

Chakras and polarities

The chakras are energy centers that are connected to our physical bodies by different glands.
According to tantra, the chakras have polarities; they are like batteries with the transmitter and the receiver.

Surrendering or submitting

It all begins inside us, in a beautiful dance between our inner masculine and feminine. In tantra, the masculine is the consciousness and the feminine the energy. Both are different expressions of the Spirit!
The energy is the energy of the Spirit and the consciousness is the consciousness of It.

How to seduce a man if you are a woman and a woman if you are a man?

How to seduce a man if you are a woman and a woman if you are a man?

The whole game of flirting and seducing is like a couple’s dance where the chemistry and passion comes out of the opposite polarities!

Difference between Eros and Agapi

Eros is the archetypal symbol of Cupid of Venus. When the Cupid strikes us with his arrow, our brain releases chemical substances that make us see the world differently!

Ieros Gamos

Ieros gamos is a composite of two Greek words: Ιερός (hieros) and Γάμoς (gamos), meaning “sacred marriage” that is recognized as the highest form of the union of opposites (e.g., King and Queen, Sun and Moon) in the archetypal meaning.

Be yourself during Sex

The act of Sex many times can be like acting on a theatre stage. Most people learn how to act through movies, porn movies, magazines and through what their friends tell them.

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