Ieros Gamos

Ieros gamos is a composite of two Greek words: Ιερός (hieros) and Γάμoς (gamos), meaning “sacred marriage” that is recognized as the highest form of the union of opposites (e.g., King and Queen, Sun and Moon) in the archetypal meaning.

Be yourself during Sex

The act of Sex many times can be like acting on a theatre stage. Most people learn how to act through movies, porn movies, magazines and through what their friends tell them.

Let’s talk about ejaculation​

Giving that a man can have an orgasm without ejaculating, the experience of ejaculation is not always necessary to be included in the sexual act

Having a child consciously

All couples decide to have children for different reasons. Unfortunately, not all of these reasons are healthy and aligned with the Will of the Spirit.

Sacred Sex

Sex is like everything in life. It can be a way to unconsciously feed our weaknesses or a way to heal them consciously.
The keyword in the above statement is consciousness!

The Phases of a man’s cycle

A Healthy man is a gift to the planet! Healthy is the man who has healed the Four basic archetypes of his Soul: God Apollo, God Pan, God Hermes and God Hades.

When these archetypes are healthy in the man, he can use all his potential and live life on his terms!

Healthy Relationships

Relationships are a beautiful part of our lives only when they are formed healthily!
When two people form a relationship, they first need to create a relationship with themselves.
The relationship with the self is going to determine the success of the relationship with the partner.

Chakras and polarities

According to tantra, the chakras have polarities; they are like batteries with the transmitter and the receiver.

Depending on the body, these polarities are different!

Surrendering or Submitting

It all begins inside us, in a beautiful dance between our inner masculine and feminine. In tantra, the masculine is the consciousness and the feminine the energy. Both are different expressions of the Spirit!

Nectar of Polarities

Dear woman and man,
You both can dive deep inside your soul and play with the beautiful colors of your feminine and masculine energy.