Healthy Relationships

Relationships are a beautiful part of our lives only when they are formed healthily!
When two people form a relationship, they first need to create a relationship with themselves.
The relationship with the self is going to determine the success of the relationship with the partner.

Chakras and polarities

According to tantra, the chakras have polarities; they are like batteries with the transmitter and the receiver.

Depending on the body, these polarities are different!

Surrendering or Submitting

It all begins inside us, in a beautiful dance between our inner masculine and feminine. In tantra, the masculine is the consciousness and the feminine the energy. Both are different expressions of the Spirit!

Nectar of Polarities

Dear woman and man,
You both can dive deep inside your soul and play with the beautiful colors of your feminine and masculine energy.

Sex Magic

lovers man and woman. romantic relationship. honeymoon.

Like everything in life, magic can be low vibration or high vibration, and here I will describe the magic of high vibration!

Men & Women chemistry and polarities

Each chakra has a different polarity and is different in women and men.
The first chakra for men is emissive, the second receptive, the third emissive and so on.
In women’s bodies, the opposite is happening; the first is receptive, the second is emissive, the third is receptive, and so on.

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