A month of transition to the depth of our soul…!

Μύηση στα Ακασικά

Σεμινάριο ταντρα μόνο για γυναίκες
Έλα να γνωρίσεις πώς οι αισθήσεις μπορούν να γίνουν πύλες που οδηγούν στην επανασυνδεση σου με την Θεά βαθιά μεσα στο σώμα!

Senses: doorways into the reconnection with the Spirit

The Senses are doorways that lead into the core of our Being. Through the senses, we can go deep inside ourselves with absolute presence and find solutions and answers to any questions.


      July is a beautiful month of liberation from our taboos!   It is a month that has the energy of freedom!   Starting with the New Moon of the 29th of June, which helps us own our true Authentic self every day, we enter into July’s energy, which continues with the same… Continue reading July

Νέα Γη

Ο κόσμος πριν και μετά τον κωρονοιό!

Opening the Gates of Akasha

Having access to the Akashic Records is one of the best gifts given to Humanity in the last years to help our spiritual evolution and the discovery of true love.

Create Abundance

If Abundance was a Goddess, she would say, “I yearn to come to you! My mission is to fill up your life with the most of me…! Please let me in!

June 2022

A month of choosing easiness, softness and fun more than self-demanding and perfectionism!

Fairytale by Agapi (2007)

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May and workshops

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