The Ego of a Mother

The archetype of the mother is one of the most accepted and honored archetypes of a society.

It is one of the main archetypes in the
Becoming a mother is a “must” if a woman wants to be part of the Matrix and live a life following the rules of society. The need to belong and be accepted is so potent that it can even influence the biological needs of the woman and make her believe that she desperately wants to have a child…!


A month of transition to the depth of our soul…!

What you do wrong in a relationship

Why we do not achieve to have the relationships of our dreams?

September’s Full Moon

September’s Full Moon (10th of September) An opportunity to bring to the surface the gifts and talents of our shadow We all grow in a way that makes us hide our true selves and cultivate the self that others want. It is our way of surviving in a world of specific rules and behaviors that… Continue reading September’s Full Moon

The manual of the Natural man and woman

The Manual of a Natural Man and Woman Reconnect to your nature and create life on your terms! For all men and women, who yearn to step out of the Matrix and start living a life according to their bodies and not to the programs of their minds! Download


Awakening is a two-day workshop where we are going to initiate a transformative journey inside us with the intention to reconnect to the earth, heal our masculine and feminine and become Natural women!

The tools I will use on this journey are: Cacao ceremony, Systemic, Tantra, Breathwork, Shamanic dance and Meditation.

Come if you feel ready to recover your authentic self which is hidden behind the existence of your inner Goddess!

August New Moon Meditation

August New Moon Meditation A portal to a space of a deep healing and rejuvenation This new moon is a powerful, loving gate to a space where we can receive the healing we need for the damage that the situation of Covid has created in us.    Besides the possible damage we had in our… Continue reading August New Moon Meditation

Elementor #3849

For Him The power of a man’s cycle A journey for the man who has chosen to reconnect to the forces of the universe and become a peaceful warrior of Mother Earth What a masculine woman is? A Woman has inside of her both masculine and feminine energy. These energies can flow healthily in her… Continue reading Elementor #3849

«Είμαι Ελεύθερη» Ταντρακάο μονο για γυναικες

Κακάο και τάντρα για «κακά κορίτσια»…

Agapi Apostolopoulou Interview

Agapi Apostolopoulou An interview for the website Omorfi Zoi Agapi Apostolopoulou is a spiritual healer who has been talking to nature since she was a little girl! Growing up, she realized her power and found her way, through dance and travel. Today she is a distinguished therapist who lives abroad, works all over the world… Continue reading Agapi Apostolopoulou Interview

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