New Moon 28th of July 2022

Happy new moon!


The world of relationships sometimes can be complicated and painful, especially if we jump from one relationship to another, trying to find our perfect match!


Who is that perfect match, and how he or she is created in our minds?


Many things can influence our preferences in partners. We can choose a partner from a space that has been formed by our mother, our father, our friends, society, etc.


No matter how old we are, our inner child will keep trying to make mummy and daddy happy by choosing the man or woman that could fulfill the conditions of the family.


But is this what you really want?


Do you want to spend most of your life living the life of others and not even touching the way that you would like to live your life?


What if, for example, your mummy always wanted you to find a rich, good-looking man to marry, and you deep inside feel more drawn to be with a woman? The worst thing in this story is that you also do your best to convince yourself that you want what your mummy wants, hiding your authentic desires deeply.


This new moon is an opportunity to attract a man or woman in your life that could match what you really want, whether you are ready to admit it or not…


Take two small tea candles and place them close to each other.
First light the left one. Look at the flame and breath the fire in your heart. Let the light fill up the space in your heart and melt the armor that resides there. Then light the second candle at your right by saying the words:
“I am now ready to live the life that I want without trying to make anyone else happy than myself! I am ready to attract the partner that my Higher Self wants and enjoy life fully!”

Look at the two flames and imagine they become one and they enter your heart.

If you have already found that partner, this ceremony will strengthen your “egg”; if not, it will help you find him/her!

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