Couple's Session

If both people commit to working on their relationship, they can create the relationship of their dreams!

My couple’s sessions help you find solutions to your problems by clearing the mist that does not let you see with clarity and maturity what is really going on.

Who is this for:

  • For couples who would like to dive more consciously into their relationship and use it as a field of growth.
  • For couples who are in a crisis and don’t know how to save their relationship.
  • For couples who are looking forward to have a child.
  • For couples who do not have a satisfy love life.
  • For couples who are planning to take a step closer to commitment but are afraid to lose their independency and freedom.
  • For couples who are bored and even though they love each other they do not feel the same sparkle of chemistry they did in the beginning.
  • For couples who are phasing a “third person” situation.
  • For couples who just want to enjoy their relationship learning new ways to relate
    and more

Many times we are in a relationship without really being happy. We tolerate our partner’s behavior, hoping that he/she one day will change. We let time pass by repeating the same arguments, same stories, same ways to hurt the other and ourselves. We don’t know what to do when the blush of «eros» wears off and we find ourselves in a painful power struggle, wondering what went wrong and what to do about it.



Some of the reasons that this happens are:
Lack of honest communication with ourselves and our partner
Lack of interest in the relationship from one or both partners
Having a different mentality and way of life with my partner
Being unaware of how to create a healthy relationship
Lack of a healthy transition from the fireworks of “falling in love” to “love.”
Lack of polarity between masculine and feminine energy
and more


My tantra background, my experience with my clients and my journey with my partners taught me that if both people commit to working on their relationship, they can create the relationship of their dreams!


How is a session (also online):
You first send me an email (both partners) explaining how you feel in the current moment (of course, this email is totally confidential and I never share it with your partner).
Then according to what I read, I create a specific journey that usually lasts for around four or more sessions.
The tools I use in those sessions depend on the situation.
Some of them are: tantra, massage, family constellations, astrology, inner child healing and more.

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