March's Full Moon (7th of March)

Our physical body is brilliant and always looking forward to healing itself.

The only thing that wants in return is our presence and sometimes some external help…!

This Full Moon in Virgo is a therapeutic moon that can heal all our bodies in all dimensions!

Do this on the night of the 7th of March.


Light a tea candle with the intention of connecting to the moon.

Put some oil (coconut, sesame, or olive oil) in a container (glass preferably) and place it close to your window (if it is phasing the Moon even better).

Look at the Moon or somewhere in the sky and say:”Dear Moon, Please bless this Medicine and add love, freedom and health to it. May it heal all my bodies in all dimensions!”


You leave the container there the whole night and the next NIGHT (not the day), cover all your body with the oil (even your hair) and sleep!



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