March's New Moon (You can do the ceremony between the 20th and the 22tnd of March)

Cocktail Universal!

New Moon and Spring Equinox!

The days between the 20th and 22nd of March are interesting and intensive!

They form a bridge to a New Beginning! The bridge is there; will you cross over?

Crossing over means that you have decided to live a life focused on what is good for you more than what is good for others!


It sounds easy, but it is not!


Most of us grow up in families teaching us that to receive love, we need to do something or be how they want us to be! We slowly become what our parents and society want us to become since we are afraid that if we don’t, we will not survive!


The combination of different astrological positions in the sky happening on the above dates guides us towards the direction of our Authentic Self, without having to fight against our old self but understand it and let it go with gratitude!

Ceremony (You can do that between the 20th and 22nd of March)

Light a candle and place a photo of yourself in front of you. Write down all characteristics of the Self that you had to become to please others. You might need to look at the picture more meditatively and travel in your childhood to find them.

When you feel you have written them. Write down, on another page, who you think you really are.
Cut the first letter in half, burn the part at the bottom and the other throw the other one in the garbage.
Keep the letter of your Authentic self.

This ceremony will help you progressively become yourself and change your life on your terms!

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