May's Full Moon (5th of May)

Many people today do not live their life, but they CONTROL it!


They do not let life guide them but try to constantly direct it according to their beliefs, obsessions, patterns and fears. And the most unfortunate is that most of them live a life focusing on how not to suffer or how to survive and not how to enjoy and create a beautiful life freely!


Something that contributed to living a life of absolute control of the mind is technology!
Technology clearly has two sides…It can be a fantastic tool to make our lives a lot easier or a tool that can take us into an illusionary and stressful life that exists on the screen but not in the real world!

Nowadays, technology has created a world where everything is instant, and we can control almost every aspect of our lives with the touch of a button. We are constantly connected to our phones, laptops, and other devices, which have created a culture of distraction and disconnection from the natural world and our bodies.


The rise of social media has also contributed to this phenomenon. We have become obsessed with documenting and sharing our lives with the world rather than simply enjoying the moment. Social media has created a culture of comparison and competition, leading to increased stress and anxiety levels.


Living a life of control is living mainly in our third chakra, constantly controlling, comparing, competing and acting!
This Full Moon (and eclipse) is a call to drop this way of living, let go and return to life!

Full Moon and Eclipse Ceremony

The ceremony is:

Light a candle and face East.

Write on a piece of paper how you control your life. Write down everything that your logical mind says that your life has to be, all your fears, obsessions, and beliefs which derive from the space that you are not the creator of your life but a poor victim of society.

Burn it by saying: “Thank you for being with me until now; you have served me in my process of living life from a space of control. I now let you go with love and gratitude and I call in the life that my Authentic self would like to live! The life that is more connected to the inner Divine Creator!” amen, or and so it is, or any kind of word which resonates with you as a closure.

You spread the ashes to the wind and you sleep wearing white or red!

The next day in your morning meditation, celebrate that your ceremony took place and is now alive and happening!