April's New Moon

The New Moon is a powerful time for transformation and self-reflection. It’s a time when we can set intentions and make changes in our lives that will bring us closer to our goals and dreams. But this particular new moon is even more potent than usual. This new moon is affecting the way we act in life, and it’s an opportunity to dive deep inside us and totally transform our lives.


How long have you been living a life, acting, thinking, and behaving from a space of trying to satisfy others?


Have you found yourself dreaming, silently and secretly, of a totally different life where you would only give to yourself what your heart desires? Even though a part of you would never believe that this could ever happen…Well, you know what? It is time to happen…!


What this New Moon brings is an opportunity for you to make the steps that you always desired and never dared to do, whether they were steps that would lead you against society, your family, your husband/wife, your boss, your children, etc.


The astrologers are calling this period “Astrological Emergency” since they haven’t found so many elements of “death” and transformation in the sky for many years!


This New Moon gives you the loving courage your peaceful inner warrior needs to act towards taking you on new life paths where you can shine, be happy, serve humanity with your mission and get the nourishment you deserve! To do that, you need to break through the old compromising self and fly free.
The help and celestial guidance are here. Are you ready?


Ceremony (April 20 in the evening before you go to bed)

Do this ONLY if you have decided to step towards your authentic self and self-love!


Light a candle and sit in front of it facing East.

(That means that you are facing east, and your candle is in front of you)

Look at the flame and visualize that you penetrate it with all your body exactly how you are in the present moment. With the same clothes, same hair, same moment!

Feel how the fire is burning all parts of you that until now were keeping you as a prisoner in a life that has nothing to do with what you have designed for yourself before your incarnation.


After a couple of minutes and whenever you feel that the fire purification has ended, imagine that you step forward towards East and you let the fire at your back, new and ready to be who you really are!

Blow the candle and feel how this new self penetrates you and helps you begin a new, more radiant and exciting life!
Sleep well!