I look forward to being your Priestess

A priestess is a woman who achieved being a pure channel through which the Goddess’s Voice can be decoded and used to serve the Divine.

The priestess, connected to her Spirit and using the balanced forces of Earth and Sky, can modify the components that create a reality and therefore create the reality the Spirit desires!

This is Alchemy!

Real alchemy is the one that can transform low vibration into a high vibration. A Priestess can achieve this alchemy by using her Heart chakra, where the earth’s energy meets the energy of the Sky.

A Priestess is free from any religion; she lives her whole life devoting herself to the Spirit and her Mission in this life!

My ceremonies are
• Weddings
• Rights of passages for girls who had their first menstruation



When your relationship comes to a moment where you want to create a more stable commitment and join your paths, you are ready for a sacred wedding ceremony!


A Ceremony is a sacred space where we gather to worship the Divine in different forms.

When the ceremony is done appropriately, a specific field is created that embraces everybody; a field of blessings, intentions, and love.


A wedding ceremony is where two people, regardless of gender, decide to walk on the same life path, not out of neediness but because they realize they want to create a life together.

During my Ceremonies, I channel the creation of a specific field that strengthens the couple’s egg and infuses it with specific blessings and intentions.


An egg where the Divine takes the lead and the ego is only serving the Divine.


How it is done:

We first have a meeting where we talk about your path as a couple; the way you met each other, the obstacles in your relationship, the happy moments, the way it grew and more.


Then I spent some time with you separately, listening to your individual perspectives about the relationship.

Then you can tell me how you would like your ceremony to be (which concept, colors, ideas, music, and more)

After that, I spend some time channeling the best ceremony for you. I then send you the structure and you can make the changes you like.


You choose the place and the date and we make it happen!





When the first blood period appears in a girl’s body, she steps in, becoming a Woman!

At this moment, it is so important to celebrate this transition with a sacred ceremony where the participants can be her girlfriends and women of the family.

A Ceremony helps the subconscious part of the girl realize how wonderful, amazing and magic it is to be a woman.


It helps her honor every phase of her cycle, use her feminine and masculine power in a balanced way and become the woman who can contribute to creating better humanity on earth! In few words it gives her an essential base to live a life of honoring her femininity and all the phases of her cycle.


How it is done:
I first talk with the girl listening to how she feels in the current moment and how she used to feel about her femininity when she was younger.


Then we create together a first draft of how she would like her ceremony to be. In the end, I complete it by channeling what her soul needs in order to be a transformative, therapeutic and joyful ceremony for her and the participants!


All the ceremonies are personalized according to your needs and channeled directly from the Source.
I am also open to different ceremonies depending on your intention for them.

If you are interested in a ceremony, contact me