The Secrets of Magic 2

Going deeper into the magical world of Existence

Since all my projects are an extension of my life and the work I do with myself I now feel ready and honored to teach “The Secrets of Magic 2”

Day 1 (25 Oct)

Entering the Sacred World of Tarot and inviting them into our lives as Sacred Conscious Archetypes

Including those powerful Beings in our lives will enhance our Perception of life with more tools as well as we will have access to a sacred Ancient Wisdom


Day 2 (1 Nov)

Entering the world of Roses and Lilies

A magical Conscious world of the powerful Vibration of Unconditional Love and Sacred Creativity

Including the world of Roses, we will enhance our world with the conscious field of love, and the Lilies will give us access to the Universal Womb


Day 3 (8 Nov)

Having access to the sacred field of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which exists in other dimensions, and it is time to “download” it to our Planet

It is a field of Magic, Sacred Sexuality and the sacred marriage between the Universal – Sacred Masculine and Feminine


Day 4 ((15 Nov)

Getting in touch with powerful ancient symbols used in Civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Sumeria and Greece

Day 5 (22 Nov)

Embodying the Archetypes of “King & Queen”. These archetypes will give us the access to our full potential in life! They will enhance our Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Love


Day 6 (29 Nov)

Entering the sacred and loving world of “Universal Dust” which is the world of infinite possibilities!!!

We start on the 25th of October with the New Moon and we will continue for 6 more Classes (except the 1st of Nov) !

Every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:00


Price: 111 (paid on the 1/11/22 or any time after if it is in cash)

Please book here:


Excited to embark a New Magical Adventure with all of You!!!!

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