An experiential workshop that combines the beauty and sensuality of Tango with the wisdom of Tantra.

  • Have you ever felt that your life is a constant running to do things without having enough time to enjoy and relax?
  • Do you make decisions and set up goals but never manage to accomplish them?
  • Are you afraid to dive deep into your femininity (inner woman) because you might feel too vulnerable and afraid that others will take advantage of it?
  • Are you afraid to dive deep into your masculinity (inner man) , put boundaries, speak out loud your truth, accomplish your goals and be a healthy leader?
  • Are you interested in meeting your inner man and woman, healing them, and expressing yourself through those archetypes?


Join me in this workshop, where we will get to know the state of our inner man and woman:
How do they interact with each other?
What happened to them during our childhood?
How the influence we have received from our family tree’s programming has damaged or strengthened those polarities?


Tango gives us a clear transmission of the healthy masculine and feminine, allowing us to create an imprint of this essence in our bodies, while Tantra brings mindfulness and awareness to this process.



Inner man and inner woman
But what is this inner man and woman or inner masculine and feminine and what is its healthy expression?

A healthy inner man is responsible for the presence and honesty we show to ourselves. He is always there to support us no matter what, show us the best path for us, and keep us in our center.

A healthy inner man is the part of ourselves that sets up goals and achieves them with discipline and not self-demanding or perfectionism.
It is the part of us that whenever we fall, he asks us with lots of love to come back to our feet and continue. He is there, present, centered, focused, and calm. 

A healthy inner woman is the part that connects us with our senses, the body and our emotions. It is the part that helps us realize that life on this earth is meaningless unless it can be fully experienced in every cell of our being living inside our body and not somewhere in our mind. Our inner woman is responsible for our pleasure, fun, craziness, and wildness! She loves flowing and is not afraid of changes. She is our intuition, our capacity to love, to have empathy and compassion. 


When these two can merge into one, collaborate and express themselves in a healthy way our whole life can change!


TantricTango is a workshop that: 

  • Heals your inner masculine and feminine sides
  • It helps you set a clear direction in your life without wasting time while also enjoying the journey.
  • Boosts up your healthy sexuality and connection to your body 
  • You learn how to lead and how to follow.
  • If you are a woman, it helps you increase the magnetism of your femininity and if you are a man, it helps you become more present, confident and decisive. 
  • It teaches you how to be more in the present moment, liberating yourself from stress and anxiety.
  • and encourages you to enjoy life in a balanced way!

The tools I use:




Tango and Tantra are similar! Both can be tools of introspection and transformation.

Each Tango dance is like making love by feeling a healthy flow between the masculine and the feminine. It is a space where the polarities are expressed so fully that they finally merge in a meeting point where nothing exists, nor the feminine, either the masculine, just the Divine. 

It is a spectacular dance that can help us realize through our body the state of our inner man and woman and what we need to do to change it.


Through Tantra we enter the “Path of Love” that guides us out of our minds into our hearts. This path is a journey into expanded consciousness, going far beyond personality masks or social conditionings.


Tantra uses a wide range of spiritual practices and meditations that help us connect with our vital life force energy to be fully present in our body with ease, joy and playfulness.

It helps us feel in our whole being the way that our inner man and woman connect, dance and collaborate in each moment of our daily lives. 

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