Find The Goddesses Within Yourself

A woman does not have only one personality but at least four!

Join me in a journey of four seminars (also online) where we will get to know the true nature of a woman that can only appear when she reconnects to her inner Goddess!
We will do that through tantric techniques, cocoa ceremonies, coffee ceremonies, color therapy, therapeutic dance, family constellation and more.

Who is this for:

  • All women who yearn to know how their cycle can interfere with their emotionality and how they can take advantage of it to create a better quality of life
  • All women who are interested in liberating their sexuality, sensuality, freedom and passion
  • All women who look forward to achieving their mission in life
  • All women who would love to meet the archetypes of the Priestess, the Shaman, the Medicine woman and the Huntress inside them!


Agapi's Goddess work connects you straight to the core with archetypal universal wisdom that has been lost and disconnected. My soul is eternally grateful to have been given back this connection that really is our goddamn birthright. I feel organically empowered and supported day by day. I cannot stress enough the important work she has birthed to redefine especially the modern woman, as a channeler and as a tantric initiator, two of my personally adored avenues to explore. A true priestess, there are no limits to the mind-blowing this woman can cause you. Prepare for a wild ride!
Katerina Gadi

A woman does not have only one personality but at least four! Depending on the phase in her circle, she expresses a different side of her personality. 


The hormonal changes of your cycle are the biggest source of power you never thought you had! According to the secretion of your hormones during your cycle, you are in a different space inside you. You think, feel and act differently. You are a totally different woman in your period, in the phase after, in your ovulation and the last week of your cycle.


The problem begins when you are not connected to these phases by following your hormones and living a life mainly connected to your mind. The avoidance of the biological phases suppress our energy and create different problems, such as: Menstrual pain, PMS syndrome, lack of clarity and decisiveness, depression, lack of free sexual and sensual expression, stress, anxiety and a lot more according to the type of life you have. 


 When a woman manages to live the phases of her cycle, she enters a magical world! This world has nothing to do with the world she knows. Her inner world changes approximately every seven days and fills her life with colors! It is the world of women!


But to use these gifts and talents of your psychic world, you will need to release all the beliefs and programs that have taken you away from your true feminine power.

Beliefs that come from your childhood, your family tree, society, and religion’s subconscious influence. In short, you will need to discover who the woman inside you really is and stop living according to all those dos and don’ts of society, family, religion!

What to expect from this:

You will know how to take advantage of each phase of the cycle

You will learn how to set goals and achieve them with discipline and not with self-demanding

You will find out new aspects of your sexuality and sensuality 

you will discover the magic behind the senses when you use them as paths that connect you with the Goddess.

You will find the strength to set boundaries and see the truth!

You will strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem

You will come closer to the power that hides the menstrual Blood 

If you have entered menopause, you will discover the power of the Wise Woman within you

“Ever since I discovered the phases of the cycle, I started swimming in a sea of happiness! I feel so much gratitude for myself who has decided in this life to incarnate in a female body!”

Agapi Apostolopoulou



I invite you to a journey where:

We will drink ritual cocoa to connect with the Spirit, to open the heart, to awaken sexuality.

We will dance to connect with the earth and let the rhythm awaken our primordial nature

We will immerse ourselves in the senses through tantra to discover the power within us

We will use the sacred power of Coffee to re-activate our pineal gland and awaken ourselves 

We will share moments of love, consciousness and beauty


We will follow the path that the Goddess will show us!

A woman who lives her cycle: enters her mission, enjoys her sexuality, knows how to set Limits, celebrates the Blood of the period, is the Therapist of herself and lives the Abundance that results from her connection with mother Earth. It is a journey of a deep transformation that will give your life more meaning, sensations, happiness and love!

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