The Secrets Of Magic

The “Secrets of Magic” are ten online classes of a mixture of shamanism and tantra that will take you into a journey of discovering new worlds inside and outside you!

The “Secrets of Magic” are ten online classes that will take you into a journey of discovering new worlds inside and outside you!

We will dive deep inside the secrets of shamanism and spirituality and take a glimpse of tantra.


  • You will learn how to connect more sacredly with coffee, cacao, and tobacco and include them in your healing process.
  • You will learn how to communicate with angels, get closer to your mission, get out of the matrix, meet and connect with your celestial family, dive into other lives, and a lot more!
  • You will learn how to use ancient symbols such as the Caduceus, the Vesica Piscis, and the flower of life for your own healing and development.
    If you open yourself to the Magical World of the Spirit, it is a journey that can totally change your life and lead you closer to your purpose in life!


Our Schedule:

First Class
What is happening in the energetic world, the anatomy of our energy-body.
Homework: Practicing how to maintain our energy-body with us; it tends to travel around without staying with our physical body.

Second Class
Diving in the world of plants. We will work with the Spirit of Tobacco, Coffee, Cinnamon and Sage.
Homework: Practicing communication with those plants and using them to benefit our evolution.

Third Class
Understanding how our sexual energy can be the fuel for the better functioning of all our bodies as well as the creation of our external reality.
Homework: Practicing exercises that can help us direct and awaken the sexual energy smoothly and softly.

Fourth Class
Accessing different dimensions where angels and beings from other planets can communicate with us; this part is very delicate. Next week, we will need to be very introverted and far from other people and toxic energies.
Homework: Practicing how to access those dimensions in a safe way

Fifth Class
Learning to go beyond the fear of death and communicate with souls that they have died and they are available to communicate without interfering with our process. We will need to be again in an introverted state, but we will be able to get in touch with other people.
Homework: We will practice the above theme with meditations and exercises

Sixth Class
What is our mission in this life and how can we connect to the mission we had in other lives to cherish and empower our current mission.
Regression to other lives

Seventh Class
Merging our heart with the universal heart that resides deep inside the earth and universe. Being one with this beautiful heart is helping us to set ourselves free from the Matrix and any other types of Matrix in this or any other life; total liberation of our soul.
Homework: Meditation in a specific form

Eighth Class
Finding our true family and Reconnecting to them.
Homework: Practicing our connection to our family and our partner in the astral world.

Ninth Class
Diving deep in our shadow and merging with the Spirit.
Homework: Investigating the shadow behind some of our fantasies, childhood traumas, and family tree.

Tenth Class
Completion, questions and closure.



In this series of classes, you will learn:

To be more conscious of your energetic body.
To be aware of the energetic hooks that you send to others and that you receive from others.
To change the molecules of a substance (usually liquid) with the power of the intention.
To direct your energy the way you want
To use plants in a sacred way and for your self-development and healing.
To engage sexually with your energetic body.
To keep yourself outside of the energetic manipulation of Matrix
To reconnect to the energy of planet earth and become her child; this will affect your health, abundance, vitality and joy
To dive deep inside your shadow and “clean” anything that stands as an obstacle between you and the Source





It is going to be a journey in the magical world of energy that will consist of 10 classes, homework, and a half-hour session with me in the middle of the journey to answer your questions and support your journey.

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