The “Secrets of Magic” are ten online classes of a mixture of shamanism and tantra that will take you into a journey of discovering new worlds inside and outside you!

Imagine what life would be like if 

you …

  • Could communicate with angels and your ancestral family
  • Could heal your past lives
  • Could access your mission and make it your profession
  • Could communicate with people who past away
  • Could feel your energetic body, the cords that you might have with other people, the leaks and more
  • Could use plants in a more conscious way for your awakening and healing







“A deep process during which I encountered knowledge that I had not heard about and experienced before. It is an initiation and a gift for understanding yourself deeply. I healed many wounds and received many supporting tools that I had never dreamed of. Incredible experience, indescribable, must be lived! I feel very grateful to Agapi for sharing these treasures!”


The “Secrets of Magic” is a training of High Vibration Magic, Shamanism, Spirituality and a glimpse of Tantra! The Training consists of ten online classes that will take you on a journey of discovering new worlds inside and outside you!


We will dive deep inside the secrets of shamanism and spirituality and take a glimpse of tantric meditations.

  • You will learn how to connect more sacredly with the Consciousness of coffee and cacao and include them in your healing process. 
  • You will learn how to communicate with Angels, get closer to your mission, get out of the Matrix, meet and connect with your Celestial Family, dive into other lives, and a lot more!
  • You will learn how to use Ancient Aymbols such as the Caduceus, the Vesica Piscis, and the Flower of Life for your own healing and development. 
  • If you open yourself to the Magical World of the Spirit, it is a journey that can totally change your life and lead you closer to your purpose in life!

We will meet every Thursday from 20:00 to 22:00 Greece time and for 10 classes, starting from the 1st of June 2023.

The classes will be recorded and sent to you!

Price 333 euros (you can pay in 3 payments)

There is a discount for the students that are interested in repeating it.

Free webinar on the 21st of May at 19:30 Greece time:

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Our Schedule:

Our Schedule:

First Class
What is happening in the energetic world, the anatomy of our energy-body.

Homework to practice how to move your energetic body consciously


Second Class

Understanding how our sexual energy can be the fuel for the better functioning of all our bodies as well as the creation of our external reality.

Homework: learn how to move your sexual energy inside your body


Third Class
Diving in the world of plants. We will work with the Spirit of Cacao and Coffee.

Homework: Connect with the cacao and coffee through a specific ritual


Fourth Class

What is our mission in this life and how to achieve it

Homework: Meditation to go beyond the obstacles that prevent you to follow your mission


Fifth Class
Learning to go beyond the fear of death
Homework: Repeat the meditation


Sixth Class
Accessing different dimensions where angels and beings from other planets can communicate with us; this part is very delicate. Next week, we will need to be very introverted and far from other people and toxic energies.
Homework: Practicing how to connect with the angels


Seventh Class
Cutting cords with our mother, father and family tree, which will help us keep all the gifts and blessings of the family tree and let go of all wounds and unhealthy beliefs that influence our lives

Homework: Repeat the class with the recording


Eighth Class
Finding our true family and Reconnecting to them.
Homework: Practicing our connection to our family and our partner in the astral world.


Ninth Class
Diving deep in our shadow and merging with the Spirit.
Homework: Investigating the shadow


Tenth Class
Closing ceremony, Q&A

You will achieve:


  • To be more conscious of your energetic body.
  • To be aware of the energetic hooks that you send to others and that you receive from others.
  • To change the molecules of a substance (usually liquid) with the power of the intention.
  • To direct your energy the way you want
  • To use plants in a sacred way and for your self-development and healing.
  • To engage sexually with your energetic body.
  • To keep yourself outside of the energetic manipulation of Matrix
  • To reconnect to the energy of planet earth and become her child; this will affect your health, abundance, vitality and joy
  • To dive deep inside your shadow and “clean” anything that stands as an obstacle between you and the Source





It is going to be a journey in the magical world of energy that will consist of 10 classes, homework and you will have access to the recording of the classes for three months!