A vulnerable man

Dear man,

who says that you cannot cry?
Who says that you cannot be vulnerable, weak and even needy?
The more you obey these patriarchic programs, the more you keep my heart away.


A woman that is influenced by the unhealthy touch of Patriarchy can only admire and appreciate a man that is disconnected from his emotions and lives mainly in his mind and in his control system! This man is made of iron, trying not to feel anything, trying to keep his heart closed and show everyone how brave he is for not feeling…!


A woman that managed to liberate herself from the patriarchic matrix and opened her heart is totally turned off by the archetype of the “iron” macho man!

What she sees in him is a weak man who is afraid of his inner woman and therefore is also afraid of her…


A healthy mature woman can only trust a man when she sees him honoring and being able to hold space for his vulnerability, which is his inner woman.


Dear man, I can only trust you and be open to you when you are present enough to let your emotions flow, when you own your vulnerability and when you have the guts to stand in front of me “naked” from masks and protections!
This is the moment where I feel safe with you, honoring and admiring the sword of presence that you hold and not the iron armor that does not let me access your heart and touch it with my own heart.


For so many years, men and women have been playing unhealthy games of control, power, manipulation and abuse!


I believe we are ready to end the games and find the power to be our true selves, which are immensely beautiful, exactly as they are!

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