Abundance! June Full Moon 2022

June full moon!

An amazing door gate to help us raise our level of self-worth and open to receive more Abundance in our lives!

Having Abundance in our lives is our BIRTHRIGHT!


But, why are we not able to receive it?


We have stored all those unhealthy programs in our subconscious that limit our capacity to create Abundance!


Some of these programs have been downloaded to us from our family tree, others from the way we grew up and others from the Matrix.
This Full Moon is an amazing gate to the Temple of Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance!


Besides the ceremony of this Full Moon, I will also offer a free online workshop only for women! For more information, check here.



Full Moon Ceremony

Light a candle, take in your hands a photo of you when you were a child or any item you had then (it can be a cloth, a toy, etc) and imagine you are inside the full Moon. Close your eyes and breathe in the light of the Moon. Breathe out to your inner child love and the feeling that she/he deserves all the Abundance of the world!
Stay there for a couple of minutes, give a kiss to your child, thank the Moon and celebrate in any way you want!!!

Enjoy and be ready to receive!!!



This Full Moon I will share with you a beautiful online ceremony dedicated in Abundance! For more information check here: Open the Gates of Abundance

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