Couples Sessions

🌟 Embark on a Transformational Journey for Couples: Online Sessions & In-Person Retreat 🌟

Our transformation journey with couples can be done with online sessions or/and in person multi day retreat.

We have carefully crafted a series of online sessions designed specifically for you and your partner. These sessions are like treasure maps, guiding you to unearth and address any obstacles that may be preventing your connection from flourishing.


Our online sessions offer a six-session itinerary to guide you on your journey of growth and connection.

Here’s a glimpse into what each session entails:

Session 1: Unveiling Relationship Dynamics

  • In this inaugural session, both of us will work closely with you, offering a profound exploration of the dynamics in your relationship. Together, we’ll uncover underlying issues that may be hindering the blossoming of your connection.

Session 2: Embracing Feminine Energy

  • Agapi will provide guidance and support specifically tailored to the individual embodying feminine energy within the relationship. This session offers a unique opportunity for reflection and growth from one feminine energy to another.

Session 3: Embracing Masculine Energy

  • Giten will focus on working with the individual representing masculine energy in the relationship, offering valuable insights and support from a masculine perspective to foster growth and understanding.

Sessions 4 and 5: Exploring Opposite Perspectives

  • These sessions bring a fresh perspective as Agapi and Giten swap roles. Agapi will work with the individual embodying masculine energy, while Giten will support the one representing feminine energy. This exchange of viewpoints offers a clear reflection from those outside the relationship dynamics.

Final Session: Integration and Empowerment

  • The program culminates in a powerful session with both Agapi and Giten. Together, we’ll synthesize the discoveries made throughout the previous sessions and provide you with practical homework to continue your journey. You’ll gain a clear understanding of tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life, nurturing a thriving and evolving relationship for the benefit of all involved.

This program is your gateway to deeper connection, personal growth, and a flourishing relationship

In-person retreat:

Our program is a tailor-made experience that empowers you and your partner, setting the stage for a personalized voyage of growth and deeper connection. 

Nestled in a charming beachside village, your retreat unfolds in the enchanting surroundings of Lesbos, a Greek island renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil beaches. Here, you’ll find the perfect setting to escape the ordinary and nurture your relationship.

Program Overview:

Your journey begins with an online session, either with both Agapi and Giten or with one of them, where we help you clarify the specific issues you’d like to address during the retreat. Based on these insights, we tailor a unique and customized journey just for you.

A Glimpse of Your Retreat Schedule (it can be customised according to your needs):


    • 8 AM to 9 AM: Morning Meditation
    • 9 AM to 10:30 AM: Breakfast and free time
    • 10:30 AM to 12 PM: Couples’ session
    • 12 PM to 1:30 PM: Individual sessions
    • 1:30 PM: Lunch
    • Afternoon: Enjoy the  beach and the breathtaking natural beauty of the historical village of Eressos, known for its charming Greek tavernas and beautiful sea.
    • In the evening, spend time to your private bedroom for intimate Tantric meditations.

Tools and Practices Provided:

Throughout the retreat, we offer a wealth of transformative tools and practices, including:

  • Tantric meditations involving touch, movement, breath, sharing, sacred sexuality, communication communication and various exercises for conscious connection.
  • Biodynamic breathwork for deep healing and release.
  • Counseling and Akashic record readings to gain profound insights.
  • Trauma release techniques.
  • Sacred belly dancing for body connection.
  • Cacao ceremonies to open your hearts.
  • Qi Gong for energy and vitality.
  • Sound healing to soothe your souls.
  • Tantric massage class for deepening intimacy.
  • Partner dancing classes to enhance your connection.

Our loving nest awaits you, enveloping you in our care and support as catalysts for your growth as a couple. The program encompasses workshops, sessions, comfortable accommodations, and daily breakfast.

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