Energetic hierachy inside the family

How important is to maintain balance between the role of the leader and the follower inside a family.

January’s new moon

January’s New moon!

January and Full Moon

January and full moon ceremony

December’s new moon

December’s New moon!

Money flow

When we open ourselves to the love of mother earth then money flows naturally in our lives!

Cortar lazos energeticos

Una clase que te ayudara a limpiear tu cuerpo energetico y avanzar en la vida sin enganches energeticos!

Reflections: Autonomy in relationships

What is autonomy in relationships and how to achieve it

December’s Full Moon

A warm hearted full moon teaching you patience and magic!

December 2022

What happens in December 2022

Our connection with the Earth

Our bodies (physical and energetic) are naturally made in a way to be able to absorb the energy of mother earth from the first chakra.

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