Chakras and Polarities

The chakras are energy centers that are connected to our physical bodies by different glands.
According to tantra, the chakras have polarities; they are like batteries with the transmitter and the receiver.

Depending on the body, these polarities are different!

In the male body, the first chakra is a transmitter. From there, men share their vitality with the rest of the world. The second is receptive, the third is a transmitter and emits the highest meaning of presence, the fourth is a receiver, the fifth is a transmitter from which the power of expression emanates.

In the female body, the exact opposite happens. The first is a receiver. The second transmits the ability to flow and the cycle of death and rebirth with the world. The third is a receiver, the fourth is a transmitter from where women can bless humanity with the power of transformation. The fifth receives and finally the sixth emits the power of intuition and wisdom!

When a man and a woman meet, the opposite polarities attract each other to form only one essence, the “no polarity” one!
The above, not only happens in moments of sexual attraction, but it is also the usual consequence in any meeting of the two sexes.

A big problem that many men and women face today is that many of these poles have changed!
Many people have shifted the receivers into transmitters and vice versa. In this case, we find feminine men and masculine women.

When the chakras lose their natural polarity, then the problems begin in all areas of life, in the emotional, energetic, and physical.
The imbalance caused in our electromagnetic field can create health issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, lack of concentration, phobias, insecurity, and much more, depending on the case.

Helping our body develop natural polarities of the chakras can contribute significantly to a better state of physical, energetic, and phycological health and create a better quality of life!

The way I can help you to balance your polarities is with my tantric classes!

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