Men and Women (chemistry and polarities)

According to Plato, once upon a time people used to be hermaphrodites with their feminine and masculine energy fused in one!


sacred sexuality

Each person was a union of feminine and masculine, creating a beautiful combination of Yin & Yang!
One day, because he was afraid of their power of wholeness, he decided to split them in half, and since then, each of them has been trying to find their other half!
I believe that this half is not somewhere outside of us but inside!

The split happened inside when our inner man and woman stopped loving each other and lost their communication.
The inner man became the dictator residing in our mind, and our woman got suppressed and could only express herself by random emotional explosions, different types of addictions and manipulation.

A part of our self-development process is to heal those two so that they can love each other again and bring balance and peace to our lives.

Something that could contribute to this healing is an external man or woman.
When a man and a woman come together, they perfectly complement each other due to the construction of their chakra system.

Each chakra has a different polarity and is different in women and men.
The first chakra for men is emissive, the second receptive, the third emissive and so on.
In women’s bodies, the opposite is happening; the first is receptive, the second is emissive, the third is receptive, and so on.

When a man and a woman come together, the different polarities of their chakras attract each other like magnets, and they fit like two pieces of a puzzle.
This creates the magic of chemistry, and if the couple knows how to cultivate this magic through different tantric techniques, it can become a healing and transformative tool for both!

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