Create Abundance

Create Abundance


My opinion is that having Abundance in your life, you need to permit it and also feel that you deserve it.

If Abundance was a Goddess, she would say, “I yearn to come to you! My mission is to fill up your life with the most of me…! Please let me in! Please look inside you and find all those obstacles between us that do not let us meet”!


But how are these obstacles created?


Most of us grow up in a society that makes us believe that Abundance is something we need to struggle to get! We have subconscious beliefs and programs which give us the idea that Abundance is not for everyone…

We also believe that to be abundant, we need to work hard or “steal.”

All these are just applications that have been downloaded to us from society, religion, family trees, our childhood, and more.


My point of view is that Abundance is tightly connected to the level of our self-worth on our conscious and subconscious sides.

Sometimes we might say and try to convince ourselves that we are worth having all the Abundance of the world, but our subconsciousness says different.


If we have grown up with information that makes our subconscious believe that we should struggle to have Abundance or that we have a specific limit and we can never go beyond it, well, this will happen.


I have so many clients trying, for example, to make more money, and when I ask them to see if their subconscious part wants the same, they cannot see it. It is so difficult to realize that they hide all this unhealthy information inside them. This information can be our childhood traumas, experiences and traumas inherited from our family tree, programs of the matrix, and more.


As long as we do not open Pandora’s box and try to see all these “programs”, we will never be able to change our reality and attract Abundance.


We can write letters to the Universe and constantly repeat affirmations, but if we do not pour light into the darkest part of our soul and meet the “monsters” we have there, we won’t be able to really change our lives and create the reality we deserve to have

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