Dance with Magic

Dance with Magic

Dance with Magic

Only for the students who completed “The Secrets of Magic”


Dance with Magic is a journey to the fields of Magic we have already visited, accompanied by movement!


We will dance with the symbols, with ourselves from past and future lives, with the spirit of cacao coffee tobacco and more plants.


We will celebrate with our celestial family, our sacred union with our twin flame and the archangels who have been with us in “The Secrets of Magic”!


Dancing and moving all our bodies consciously(physical, emotional, energetic and mental) will help us deepen even more in the process we started with “The Secrets of Magic” and surrender to the blessings, healings and teachings that this world yearns to give us.


While we dance, our control system relaxes, and we are more able to enter other dimensions without fear and without the boundaries of our logical minds.
It is a journey of ecstasy, healing, love and surrendering to something a lot more sacred than our personality.


Looking forward to dancing with you in the fields of Magic!


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