December's New Moon (You can do the ceremony on the 23d of December)

With this New Moon, we are entering a very unique moment in our lives!

We are called to keep in our lives only what is beneficial and priority for our Higher Self and let go of anything that does not serve us anymore.
Of course, this is something we have been doing throughout most of the year, but this time is different.

Life tells us that there is no more time to play with our dignity, self-worth, energy and boundaries.

Anything that is not resonating with the level of our consciousness and vibration is time to go from our lives, no matter how hard or painful this might be for both sides!


Take some oil or massage cream and add a couple of drops of rose water or rose essence. Massage your heart for some minutes, breathing deeply and feeling how your massage helps you melt the armor and access your heart. After 7 min of massage, keep a hand on your heart, breathe and say the words:
“I am ready to stop serving anything that drops all levels of Consciousness, Self-worth, Abundance and Love.”
Bow to your heart and turn left-wise to complete the ceremony.

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