Difference between Eros and Agapi

Difference between EROS and AGAPI

What is the difference between Love and falling in Love (or in Greek Agape and Eros)?

Eros is the archetypal symbol of Cupid of Venus. When the Cupid strikes us with his arrow, our brain releases chemical substances that make us see the world differently!

We suddenly see in the eyes of our beloved a perfect man/woman that is the One!

Of course, this blind reaction has a deeper meaning…
It is purposely blind because it brings us into our reality the perfect person who mirrors back to us the monsters of our shadow and our golden shadow.
If it wasn’t blind, we wouldn’t be attracted by that person at all! We probably would reject him or her because he/she would show us things we do not want to see in ourselves.

So…what happens when we wake up? when this chemical party finishes?

There is where the Cupid finishes his mission and Venus enters the game!

There we have two options: 1. Start complaining about the other, or 2. See who the other really is, what is mirroring us and how we can finally love those parts in ourselves and others.


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