The Gifts of the Menstrual Blood

The menstrual blood hides gifts that very few women are aware of. The blood is what connects us, in the physical reality, with the world of the Divine!


Long before the beginning of the patriarchal period, women’s blood was considered sacred! The “Holy Grail” was the uterus and the menstrual blood was the holy nectar that could develop people’s consciousness and their integration into the vibration of Unconditional love.
When the Patriarchy came unfortunately the blood took another meaning.

Today the scientists tell us that is full of healing stem cells, which can actually activate our cellular ability to regenerate and transport us to endocrine ecstasy!

The women, who erase from their subconscious beliefs and programs that “look down” on the healing properties of the menstrual blood are able to connect to the Earth through the archetype of the Shaman, the Priestess, and the Wise Woman.

The vibration of the blood depends on the relationship that the woman has with her blood and the relationship that the women of her family tree had with their menstruation and their femininity.

Some tips to erase the vibration of the menstrual blood are:

  • Work on the family tree, especially the women of your family tree
  • Get in touch with the blood, smell it, look at it, touch it
  • In every menstruation offer some to Mother Earth

If the menstrual blood could speak would say:

“I am your death and rebirth. I am the power behind your vulnerability. I am the one who connects you to Mother Earth. If you avoid me or if you underestimate me you just harm yourself. I am a gift and not a punishment. I am the holiest communion that could ever exist because I am blessed by your Heart, your Womb, and your Spirit. When you bleed, you get into other dimensions where you can see other worlds, you can heal, you can predict the future, and you can change the past.
I am the biggest medicine in the world inside you! Look at me, hug me, and accept me. I am the truth in you!”

The way I could help you in raising your menstrual vibration is by offering you my sessions «The power of your cycle» where we clean together all phases of your menstrual cycle, as well as the phase of the blood!

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