16th of May Full Moon

Full Moon May 2022!

In the last years, all humanity has been in the process of “choice”!

Humans were called to choose whether they wanted to stay in the Oblivion or jump to the Awakening of their Soul!

Two worlds will appear on our beautiful planet! The world of love and the world of fear! This Full Moon will terminate the period of the Choice by clearing in a significant way the two paths.


In the world of love, people will blossom and grow every day more and more into unconditional love, while in the world of fear, people will fall every day more and more into the abyss of the low vibration which derives from the disconnection from the source!

If you happen to read this article, you have probably chosen to dive deep into the magnificence of love or haven’t made up your mind yet…


Ceremony of this Full Moon:

Light a candle and draw a line on the ground (if you are outside); if you are in your house, use a scarf or a belt to separate two sides.
Name one side, the side of love and the other side of fear and place yourself between the two with one foot stepping on the side of love and the other one on the side of fear, facing East.


If you are outside, look at the Moon and promise that you choose the side of love (if, of course, this resonates with you). Do the same thing with your eyes closed, visualizing the Moon if you are inside.


Take a deep breath and make the final step! Bring the foot from the side of fear to the side of love and celebrate! Play music and dance! Eat, drink, make love…whatever you can to celebrate maybe one of the most important decisions of your soul journey!!!!

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