The Secrets of Isis

The Secrets of Isis (tantra for women)

My journey of channeling has helped me enrich my knowledge coming directly from the Spirit and helped me enter dimensions I could never imagined that existed!


The last channeling took me to the Temples of Isis, where I was given the information about ancient tantric techniques that could help women significantly connect to their sacred femininity, sexuality, and magic.

I would love to share those techniques with you in this online encounter.


We will:

  • Learn how to melt our control system and surrender to the power of Shakti
  • Activate the bridge between our yoni and our heart so that we can step more into sacred love-making.
  • Rise the vibration of our yoni, which will influence our partner’s “performance,” our abundance, vitality, and health.
  • Using different symbols, we will open gates to different dimensions, “design” the best reality for us and download it to our present moment.
What you will need:
  • Be alone in a safe space
  • Speakers to listen to the music
  • A Chalice (you can use a wine glass)
    A coin
  • Oil and a small mirror
  • A golden or yellow or red dress for a ceremony
Price: 50 euros live
or 40 euros the recording if you cannot make it

Contact me for bookings:
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