Open the Gates of Abundance

Celebration of June's Full Moon

A journey to open more to the amazing love and light of the Universe

Having Abundance in our lives is our BIRTHRIGHT!

We have stored all those unhealthy programs in our subconscious that limit our capacity to create Abundance!


Some of these programs have been downloaded to us from our family tree, others from the way we grew up and others from the Matrix.
This Full Moon is an amazing gate to the Temple of Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance!


I invite you to a mini workshop to use the energy of this full moon and open ourselves to the powerful flow of love that will arrive in our planet and that can help us raise our levels of Self-worth, Self-love and Creativity!


  • We will reconnect to the electromagnetic field of the Earth the same way we connect to our mother.
  • We will heal our first chakra.
  • We will realize that we do not need to struggle to create Abundance but open ourselves to the love of the Earth and the Universe.

It is also going to be recorded!


You can find the link here:

Join Zoom Meeting


If you finally don’t make it you can subscribe to my website and receive the recording after some days.


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