Why is it so difficult to make relationships work?

Why do relationships not work?

One of the main obstacles when forming a relationship is that it is created not only by two adults but also by two children!


When two people come together to form a relationship they bring with them all their past!


We never have two people in a relationship but four!


A relationship is formed between two adults and their inner children.


Saying inner children, I mean the traumas of their childhood, the way the parents used to relate to each other, and the gifts and strength that these children had.


But how can this influence the relationship?

Our inner child is acting quite unconsciously, and being aware of it, is not always easy.

We, easily, confuse the behavior of our inner adult with the behavior of our inner child, and this is when the problem begins.


The child loves projecting to our partner all the past! Everything that the child lived in the family with the parents, siblings, teachers, friends and more.


This projection distorts our reality; we sometimes cannot see the truth and who our partner is but only who we think he/she is.

Then the miscommunication, conflicts and even breakups begin to happen.


Is there any solution?

The solution is a deep work on knowing and healing ourselves!


Many people come to my sessions believing they know who they are and never had issues with their parents or any childhood trauma.


Unfortunately, I never met anyone without being influenced by his/her childhood.
This influence begins from the moment of our conception (the reason for our conception can be a trauma or a blessing) until the moment we decide to “cut the cords” with the family and decide who we want to be.


But what does Cutting cords mean?

“Cutting cords” does not mean stopping loving or caring for the family! It means: realizing their influence in the construction of your personality and deciding what you want to keep and what not.

It is a journey that requires discipline, compassion, clarity and the will to see the “Truth”!


The way I could help you in this journey is with my Intuitive Readings sessions.

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