Senses: doorways into the reconnection with the Spirit



The other day I found myself sitting at the beach looking at the stars and listening to the waves of the sea…


I have never felt so present in my body and in the present moment of Now. I felt a soft wind caressing my skin and the sound of the waves making love with my ears. I felt the air of each breath penetrating my nose, descending to my lungs and filling them up with pure life!
It was a special moment of immense gratitude for this incarnation in this body and personality.


After that night, I realized how powerful the senses could be and how much the patriarchy has influenced our connection to them!


The Senses are doorways that lead into the core of our Being. Through the senses, we can go deep inside ourselves with absolute presence and find solutions and answers to any questions.
If our body is a temple, the senses are different gates of it, which all lead to a sacred “altar,” the altar of our Spirit.


Unfortunately, religion and the patriarchic society have disconnected us from those “gates” and our connection to the Spirit inside our body.

In almost all religions and even some “new age spiritual methods,” we try to find the Spirit somewhere outside our body. These methods can create huge confusion in our path, making us believe that we get closer to the Spirit by rejecting our body. They are successful methods to create a large Spiritual Ego but not to reconnect to the Source!


Besides, if we have decided to incarnate on this planet in this amazing multifunctional, full of pleasure body, how can we leave the Spirit anywhere outside of it?


I strongly believe that we are all Gods and Goddesses living in a physical body who came here for many reasons…

The most important one is: to constantly celebrate our Divinity through the variety of sensations that our Senses emanate and to show them our love and gratitude for their consciousness and wisdom!


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