13th of July 2022 Full Moon

Don’t you feel that everything is changing on our planet?

Do you feel the shift? The shift into a better world?


Do you realize that from now and on, it is possible to make your dreams come true if you live connected to your Spirit?


This full Moon comes to reconfirm that we are heading into a new earth!


What is special about this full Moon?


It is a Moon that can indicate the path towards our mission in this life!

A Moon in Capricorn is the best Moon to help us find a way to fulfill our mission and make it become our work!

If you are already on your mission, this Moon will push you to go even deeper. If you are not, you will have an opportunity to find what your mission is and choose to follow it.


Light a candle and look at the Moon (if it is cloudy, just look towards the sky).


Place your left hand on your heart and feel why you have incarnated in this life. Then visualize that you penetrate the Moon where you suddenly enter inside a movie with you, the main protagonist!


The movie is your mission in life. You see everything in detail! You also can feel everything in detail.


Stay there for a couple of minutes and then visualize you stepping out and returning to yourself.

When you come back, light a new candle with the intention of everything you saw coming true.



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