The month that gives us the possibility to liberate ourselves from the limitations of our own minds!

Many people live almost as if they are in a “prison”! They oblige themselves to be in a relationship/marriage that has no more meaning but they think they should stay there for their kids, for financial reasons, for society and more.


Others are in the “prison” of their work…They spend more than 8 hours per day doing something they dislike and others are in the “prison” of their dos and don’ts of their minds!


August is a fantastic month to find an open door and escape from whatever “prison” you have created!


The full Moon on the 12th of August is the door!

I strongly recommend my ceremony for that:

Take a paper and write down all your “prisons”! They do not have to be only sectors of your life but also beliefs or limitations you put in yourself and do not let you create a better reality.

Write a maximum of 5!

Read them out loud slowly and observe how they make you feel.
Light a candle and invoke the power of the Moon. Burn the paper and look at the fire. Visualize that the fire is melting the door of your prison and you are free to go!!!

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