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The power of a man's cycle

A journey for the man who has chosen to reconnect to the forces of the universe and become a peaceful warrior of Mother Earth

Let’s take it from the beginning:

Women have their cycle, which lasts around 28 days; it follows their hormones and the cycle of the moon.
Guess what? Men also have a cycle! Men’s cycle lasts a year and follows the rotation of the Sun!

The masculine physical body connects to the Sun of our galaxy through the pineal gland.
According to the seasons of the year, the pineal gland creates different energetic fields which can help a man live life in coordination with the different phases of the Sun and the whole universe.

Reconnecting the pineal gland with the heart of the Sun gives the man his true power. He thinks, feels and acts from the space of the Spirit and uses his Ego as a vehicle for this incarnation.
He focuses on his mission in life and uses all of his gifts and talents to accomplish it!

Why are men disconnected from the energy of the Sun:

In the same way that the Patriarchal society obliged women to separate themselves from the Earth, it also disconnected men from their true power, which derives from their connection with the universe.
Thousands of years ago, before the Patriarchy and Matriarchy, men lived in resonance with the whole universe.
Their psyche could follow the different seasons, which made different archetypes rise in their being.
Depending on the season, they used their energy in a totally different form.
After the Autumn equinox, they were slowly entering inside, becoming introverted and checking on what was happening in their inner world.
Then, the winter solstice initiated them in a period of deep death and rebirth, which ended with the spring equinox, a period of extroversion and manifestation!
The last phase appeared in the summer solstice, a phase of pure celebration of life and gathering of the “fruits” of all year!

I love using different archetypes of Gods to represent each of the above phases:
The Autumn phase is represented by God Hermes
The Winter phase by God Hades
The Spring phase by God Apollo and
The summer phase by God Pan

In my sessions, “The power of a man’s cycle,” I help you reconnect to those phases and start living according to your nature and not according to society’s subconscious programming!
It is a journey of 6 sessions where we use different symbols and meditations to activate your pineal gland and reconnect you with the Sun’s energy.
We then heal the archetypes of the phases by exploring what happened in past lives, in your childhood and your family tree and how they got blocked or deactivated.

Check here if you want to know more about those archetypes:

What you will get from the sessions:

You will reconnect to your Divine power and start using the Ego as a vehicle of It.
You will find the self-esteem you need and you will embrace yourself the way you are
You will get closer to your mission and start living it (if you are not there already)
You will awaken the archetype of the sacred lover, the king, the warrior and the magician.
You will be able to step out of the matrix and create a strategy to live the life of your dreams.

Who is this for:

All men who are interested in loving themselves more
All men who yearn to step into their true sacred masculinity and let the Sun and the whole universe guide them in their incarnation
All men who are tired to compromise with the rules of society and would like to create a better life for themselves and their families (if they have)
All men who want to live in a total alignment between their soul’s purpose, their mind and their actions
All men who feel the call of their intuition ask them to follow this path!

If you are interested in a session, you need to gather information about your family tree (at least the names), how you were born, and how your life has been inside your mother’s belly!

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