August New Moon Meditation

A portal to a space of a deep healing and rejuvenation

This new moon is a powerful, loving gate to a space where we can receive the healing we need for the damage that the situation of Covid has created in us. 


Besides the possible damage we had in our physical body from all the situations we lived, whether this happened from the direct contamination of Covid to our body, the vaccines, or the lack of connection, our soul suffered even more!


Humans need both energies to live a happy life, the masculine and the feminine. Our masculinity is more based on how our mind works, our thoughts, calculations, strategies and more. Our feminine is the expression of our emotions, our connection to the body through our senses, our ability to lose ourselves and enter a deep trance and more.


The energy that was most damaged in the last years was our feminine!


The prohibition against getting in touch with other beings, against feeling the touch, against hugging and sharing our love, dancing, singing and enjoying life might superficially protected us from the virus but destroyed the access of our soul to the source of life!


This new moon is an important gate that leads to a space of healing all these!


The Gate will open on the 26th Friday and will close on the 29th Monday morning (EST time).



Here is the ceremony for this New moon (you can do it anytime from the 26th until the night of the 28th):

Light a candle facing East, and put on your favorite music that makes you ecstatic when you dance to it; Stand tall and take deep breaths through the mouth, imagining that you are absorbing the earth’s energy from the soles of your feet.

After connecting with the earth, imagine that in front of you is a portal where, when you pass through it, you will leave behind all the negative influences of covid, and you will take with you only the lessons and the empowerment you received.

Make a movement symbolic of opening the door! So, energetically open the door and, with the left foot, go to the other side. Start dancing and totally lose yourself in the rhythm of your song! Dive deeply into your ecstasy and bliss and allow the healing to happen!

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