September's Full Moon (10th of September)

An opportunity to bring to the surface the gifts and talents of our shadow

We all grow in a way that makes us hide our true selves and cultivate the self that others want.

It is our way of surviving in a world of specific rules and behaviors that sometimes have nothing to do with who we really are.


We are obliged to adopt certain behaviors, beliefs and patterns that can form a personality far from our truth, a truth that we then hide in the deepest core of our psyche.


This Full Moon is an opportunity for us to bring to the surface this truth, and especially our gifts and talents that were not accepted or recognized when we were children and we had to ignore and reject them!


Maybe you hide inside you a talented artist, a wise spiritual guide, an intelligent scient, or any other archetype that is now ready to be revealed!



Full Moon ceremony (try doing it between Friday 9th 18:00 (EET) and Sunday 10th 20:00 (EET):

Light a candle and look at the flame. Imagine that there is a light coming out from the flame and reaching your third eye.
Stay there for a while, breathing and connected with the fire.


Feel that the light penetrates your third eye and illuminates all of your brain. Then visualize yourself inside the light of the brain doing different activities.

What are you doing?


Maybe dancing, painting, healing people, writing a book, cooking….

Look at all those different expressions of your gifts and talents and when you feel you have seen enough, open your eyes and write all these down.

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