What you do wrong in a relationship

Relationships come and go, but you always stay…


We all yearn to have a healthy relationship where we will feel loved, accepted and happy. 


Unfortunately, we usually create relationships where we feel almost the opposite.


We constantly try to change our partners and they try to change us!

Today relationships are like a field of constant compromise where we leave time pass by with the hope that one-day things will be different. Days pass, months and even years, and not only things do not become better but sometimes are getting even worse! 


What is it that we do wrong? Why do we not achieve to have the relationship of our dreams?


I could write a whole book around this subject, but in a few words, I will share with you my point of view in steps:


  1. The reason that we are in a relationship

Why do you need to be in a relationship? Is it because you would like to fulfill your lack of love for yourself? Is it that you want to avoid the feeling of loneliness? Is it because of your family and society’s demands? Or what is it?

The reason is the first and most important step! Very few relationships are formed out from a healthy space of unconditional love where the couple feels fulfilled and yearns only to share the space of love they already feel about themselves with the other person.


2. The need to change our partners the same way our parents changed us

It is so difficult to accept the other person the way he or she is!

In the same way that our parents and society never accepted us when we were children, we also do not accept our partners. We continue the exact behavior of our parents with our partners. We try to mold them and make them the ones that fit the conditions of our beliefs and the ones that will satisfy the subconscious expectations of our system (which is formed by the way we grew up)


3. Lack of polarities 

Playing with the opposite polarities in a relationship is fundamental to maintaining chemical attraction and fulfilling sexual life!

Whether you are in a relationship with the same or the opposite gender, creating a contrast of polarities is very important if you want to keep the fire and the passion high!


A lack of polarities destroys the chemistry, the passion and the sexual satisfaction in the relationship. When you do not dance between the polarities of the feminine and masculine you do not have an intimate relationship, but you are in a friendship calling it a relationship…


Of course, many other factors could influence and contribute to a more successful relationship, but these can be some of the most important!


And, always remember: the more you work with yourself, the more chances you have to create the relationship of your dreams! 


You only need to ask yourself, who is dreaming inside you? Are you looking for a relationship that your authentic self desires or that the system formed by your parents, family tree and society demands and you have adopted as your desires?


Find who you really are and then the right person will appear!

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