September is the month of the transition from summer to Autumn. From God Sun, Pun and Dionysos to God Hades.

It is when we gradually pass from celebrating life to the beginning of a new introverted journey towards the depth of our soul, which yearns to be revealed and transformed during the winter.


It is a month of letting go of anything that does not serve us anymore. A beautiful moment to throw or give away clothes we do not wear, things we do not use, people we do not communicate with or resonate with anymore and more.


It is important that you take care of yourself, rest many times per day and get a good sleep at night!


Avoid staying many times in front of a screen since a gland that is mainly detoxing during September is our pineal gland and take care of your diet.


Give yourself plenty of water, exercise and be soft and gentle!


Build a relationship of trust and sweetness with yourself which can form a beautiful field of your introspection and transformation during Autumn and Winter and do not forget your boundaries!

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