The Ego of a MOTHER

The archetype of the mother is one of the most accepted and honored archetypes of a society.


It is one of the main archetypes in the Christian religion, represented by a virgin woman worrying and suffering from the loss of her son.

Becoming a mother is a “must” if a woman wants to be part of the Matrix and live a life following the rules of society. The need to belong and be accepted is so potent that it can even influence the biological needs of the woman and make her believe that she desperately wants to have a child…!


I believe being a mother has to be part of the woman’s mission!


Not all women have this mission. Some women come to this planet to become therapists where all their patients can be their children, teachers where all their students can be their children, artists where artwork is their children and more.


Unfortunately, the way that the system of our societies is built does not let women be free to decide whether they truly want to play that role or not. It seems that they are free to decide superficially, but there is a powerful unconscious programming that finally decides for them!


Most societies are built on a platform of specific steps such as:
After finishing school go to university, find a good job, find a partner to marry, have children, and finally relax and live a happy life after your retirement!


Any person that does not follow those steps is an “outsider” to society!


For most women who follow the Matrix, the part about “having children” is essential! This is when the woman feels approved and praised by society and her family!
This is the moment that the Matrix makes her believe that she has become a complete woman by perfectly satisfying the hidden programming applied to her, sometimes even before she was born!


And this is the moment where the woman’s Ego rises to the sky!


A matrix mother feels proud of her child and replaces the lack of her self-worth and self-esteem with it. She feels like she owns a precious doll that everybody admires, and with this admiration, she satisfies her own inner child’s need for acceptance and approval!


It is when she totally loses her own life and starts living through her child’s life. She lives through her children’s needs, failures, and successes. She places herself in a second role, following the child and not following her needs. In this way, she empowers her mother-sacrifice Ego and raises narcissistic children who always call attention and take advantage of the mother’s sacrifice patterns.


If we observe nature, we never see any young animal leading the herd! If we observe humans, we see this all the time!

Of course, it is necessary for the parents to adapt their lives to the child’s needs, especially in the first years, but there is a thin line in this adaptation that when it is crossed, parents lose their lives and kids become everyone’s leaders.


This happens only in societies where sacrifice is seen as a virtue and self-love as an Egocentrism…!



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