September's New Moon


This Equinox has been quite a powerful and intense period for many people!

The New Moon in Libra gives a touch of calmness in this transition.

It brings inner peace and trust that everything is going to be fine!


It is a New Moon that can help us realize that we are not alone! There are so many groups of other dimensions around us like angels, archangels, fairies, animals, plants, our ancestors and more that look forward to helping us!

The ceremony of this New Moon is about letting them enter our lives and receive their help!


Ceremony (You can do it on the 25th, 26th and 27th of September)
Face East and light a candle. Write a letter on paper without lines to the Moon saying that you are ready to receive the help coming from groups of love, light and consciousness. Cut the letter into two pieces, burn the right part, and through the left part into the garbage.
After that, if you have time, meditate for some minutes and get in touch with those beings!

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