October's Full Moon (You can do the ceremony 9th and 10th)

October’s full moon is a gate that leads us into a temple of sexuality and abundance.

It is a way to enter our first and second chakras, where we can rejuvenate and reset our vitality, our sexuality and our perception of abundance.


It is an amazing opportunity to heal wounds and conditionings that prevent us from fully enjoying our sexuality and giving ourselves whatever we deserve in all forms and dimensions!


The ceremony of this full moon is:

Light a candle and stand facing East. Imagine the full moon in front of you, a beautiful temple of Sensuality, Sweetness and Sexuality.

Make a gesture with your left hand, like opening a door and step with your left leg inside the temple. Breathe and visualize that you let the energy of the Moon temple penetrate each of your cells, especially your first and second chakra.

Surrender to the energy and let your body follow. Allow yourself to do anything that comes out spontaneously, dancing, caressing your body, singing, or anything else you want.

Stay for at least 2 minutes and when you feel ready to go, turn left-wise, open the door again with your left hand and step out of the temple with any leg you want.

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