Our connection with the Earth

Our bodies (physical and energetic) are naturally made in a way to be able to absorb the energy of mother earth from the first chakra. 


When the first chakra functions healthily, it can fully absorb the love of the planet and distribute it equally in all chakras. When this happens, the person lives in harmony, health, abundance and with the mind, body and spirit in absolute balance.


Unfortunately, after the appearance of authority in our societies, no matter how this authority was expressed (through the patriarchal or matriarchal system), the first chakra stopped functioning in a healthy form. It closed down and disconnected from the energetic supply of the planet. 


In this state, people need to find energy from different sources.


They need to eat more food, use their organs’ energy and absorb other people’s energy. 


This is the state of a normal person in today’s world. 


Therefore, a normal person that is not natural, due to the disconnection from his/her nature and planet, is not living a life on the Earth but is surviving in any way he/she can. 


Opening and healing the first chakra is vital to living a healthy life! 


I see people working on their upper chakras, trying to “open” their third eye or the heart without even touching their connection to the planet, which is where they live!


This type of self-development is like constructing a palace without a foundation, worrying about its decoration and not realizing that it could fall at any moment due to the lack of grounding!


How to start healing the first chakra: 

  • Detox yourself from the rules you received in the society you were raised in
  • Heal your relationship with your biological mother
  • Meditate by using the five senses
  • Walk in nature and focus on your breath
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle 
  • Start a journey of introspection and self-knowing


One of my goals in my tantric teachings is to help people become natural from normal. Tantra (when taught correctly) is one of the best self-development paths to help you in this transition!

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