You are the Goddess

A journey of three online meetings where we will boost up the electromagnetic charge of our chakras into their natural polarity to enhance our femininity, health, abundance and intuition!

You are the Goddess inside a physical body that resides in three main Temples of your Emissive chakras!


The Second, the Fourth and the Sixth.


Each of those Temples represents a different archetype of your inner Goddess according to the gifts of each chakra.


“You are the Goddess” is an online Self-development workshop of three classes, only for women, that will take you on a transformative journey using Tantric Meditations, Conscious Dancing, Mantras and Sacred Ceremonies!


It will take place on the 1st, 8th and 15th of April 12:00 – 14:00 EET time.

The Price of the whole journey is 80 euros and there is a discount of 50% for the women that will attend my workshop «Ανοίγοντας την Καρδιά» in Greece and 10 euros for all participants of “Being a Woman”.


You can attend in person or receive the recording!

How the classes can help you:


  1. It will help you lower the level of stress and anxiety
  2. It will increase your libido, sensing your vital energy flowing in your body and nurturing it.
  3. You will become more compassionate, loving and comprehensive and, at the same time, able to set up your limits.
  4. You will feel a boost of creativity that will halp you give birth to new projects and ideas


But most of all, you will start a journey that will help you restore the natural function of your electromagnetic system!

The polarities of our Chakras:

The chakras are energy centers connected to our physical body by different glands.

According to tantra, the chakras have polarities like batteries with a transmitter and a receiver and our main temples is in our emissive chakras!


The polarities are different depending on the body (male or female)!


In a female body, the first chakra is a receiver, the space from which we absorb the earth’s energy.


The second is a transmitter, which transmits the ability to flow, the cycle of death and rebirth, the expression of our sexuality and creativity.


The third is a receiver, and

the fourth is a transmitter from where women can bless humanity with the power of love, healing and compassion.


The fifth is receptive and the sixth transmits the power of intuition, the ability to see beyond matter and the power of creation.

The Goddesses in our Chakras:

Our inner Goddess resides in those three chakras taking different form according to the characteristic of the chakra:


2nd chakra
Goddess Lilith, Goddess Kali and Goddess Venus
Temple of: Free expression of our sexuality, Fluidity between death and rebirth during life, Creativity and Sensuality


4th chakra
Goddess Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Goddess Venus
Temple of: Alchemy, Compassion, Love and Bliss.


6th chakra
Goddess Isis and Goddess Hecate
Temple of: Intuition, Clairvoyance and manifesting reality

The Goddesses are different archetypes of our soul!


But in order to exist, our chakras need to function in their natural electromagnetic charge!


The way we live today, it is not easy to maintain the polarities of our chakras….


Instead of using more our emmisive chakras where our feminine power resides, we boost the receptive chakras and we grow more a masculine way of being!


If, for example, we live a life focusing on the power of control, competition, and constant action (all elements of the third chakra), we slowly withdraw our power from our Heart chakra and place it in a chakra that does not correspond with our true feminine nature!


When the chakras lose their natural polarity, the problems begin in all areas of life, emotional, energetic, and physical!


This imbalance can create health issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, lack of concentration, lack of libido, strong PMS, menstrual pain, phobias, diseases, and much more, depending on the case.

“You are the Goddess” is an online journey of three meetings that will happen on the 1st, 8th and 15th of April from 12:00 to 14:00 EET time.


You can attend live or receive the recording.


The Price of the whole journey is 80 euros and there is a discount of 50% for the women that will attend «Ανοίγοντας την Καρδιά» in Greece.

How I gave birth to this project:

For many years of my life, I found myself struggling between trying to be feminine in a masculine world!
Then I slowly realized that the problem was not the world but the inner world!
I was trying to become more feminine inside a body that was electromagnetically functioning like masculine!

Then I began a journey of daily practice using different techniques and meditations to return to my natural state of vibrating and being!

I was shocked by the change this journey was creating in my personality, my health and even how it changed the reflection in my external reality!

I strongly recommend it to all women who are interested in returning to their natural state of being, becoming more feminine, more vibrant, healthier and relaxed!

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