A feminine month that focuses on opening the chakra of the heart!


There are some things happening in us that are personal and different for each and one of us, and some things that are common for everybody!

The energy of this February is affecting almost everybody, especially women and men who have developed a lot of their feminine side. It is a sweet and, at the same time, powerful energy melting or even breaking the armor of our hearts and helping our heart chakra to blossom into its full power of vulnerability!


This might make us feel unstable, unable to make decisions, not knowing what we really want and not wanting to do things that do not make us happy!

It can create a conflict between what we have to do and what we want to do, and we might find ourselves frustrated and lost!

If you are there, don’t worry; March’s energy is totally different!

But to receive that energy, you must first let go and receive what February offers.


What to do:
For all of you that can schedule your work the way you want, avoid scheduling many things this month and give yourself a more relaxed and happy time to do things you like!

For the ones that you have to work on a specific timetable, take it easy!

Try to find relaxation through working, and this month avoid perfectionism and self-demanding!


Find moments during the day to do what you like, no matter what this is! Maybe it is to sit and do nothing, to watch your favorite series, to dance, to sing, to see friends, to talk for hours on the phone, etc

And, if you feel that your mind is trying to make you feel bad because you do what you want to and not what you have to, dive deep inside your heart and stay there!


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