February's Full Moon (You can do the ceremony on the 4th, 5th,6th and 7th of February)


A moon that teaches us how to keep our center and have a balanced life!


Sometimes we dedicate all our energy to only one life sector and forget the others.


We might lose ourselves in a relationship, disappear from our friends, become workaholics, and not have time for family or other activities.


I am not talking about small periods in life where one sector requires more energy than others, which is something totally normal, but for larger periods where we monopolize a part of our life, losing connection with others.

Keeping a balance between all those sectors and being in our center is not something easy; the energy of this Moon is here to give us the help and wisdom to achieve this.


(you can do it on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th)

Take a piece of paper without lines and write at least five sectors of your life, placing them in a circle, for example, family, friends, work, relationships, and hobbies.

In the middle of the circle, draw yourself.

The sectors are like planets around you, and you are the sun of your galaxy.

Look at your drawing and try to understand why some sectors occupy more of your energy and why you lose yourself when you go deep into one.

Leave it close to a window where the Moon can “see” it during the night and ask the Moon to help you realize what it is that makes you lose your center and your balance.

The next day burn it with the intention of purification and healing!

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